Neck Pain & The Benefits of Regular Walking for Exercise

May 6, 2019

Can going for a walk really make a difference in your health? Many people think that unless they go to a gym and break a serious sweat, they “aren’t exercising.”

Fortunately, that’s far from true! Walking regularly, including during your lunch at work, can give you significant benefits, including less back and neck pain. It’s an excellent natural low-impact workout, and best of all it’s free!


Here are some of the things you can gain if you start walking regularly.


Excellent Aerobic Exercise

When you walk for exercise, you’re engaging in one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise. Millions of people walk regularly for their health. It’s one of the most studied forms of exercise, so it’s been proven to be one of the best ways to improve your overall health.


It also keeps you functional for longer in your life, allowing you to be active and health into your later years. It can help you avoid back and neck pain as you keep your muscles strong and maintain your posture.


If you want a simple exercise to boost your health and lengthen your life, walk!


Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Walking is good for lowering stress, which helps lower blood pressure. A national study found that regular walking was linked to a 7% decrease in risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol.


Being in nature is another way to reduce stress and blood pressure, and walking is a great way to enjoy nature. Consider finding a park or trail near your home where you can enjoy your walk while listening to birds, hearing the wind in the trees, and watching the animals in the grass.


You’ll have less back and neck pain and you’ll be happier and more relaxed.


Better Mental Function and Memory

Do you get frustrated because you’re not able to remember why you walked into a room? Or do you struggle to focus at work? Walking regularly can help.


A study in Japan found that by simply walking for 12 weeks, both men and women had significant improvements in memory and their ability to pay attention. Another study showed that walking was associated with a greater volume of grey matter in the brain, which indicates brain health.


If you struggle to focus or remember things, a lack of physical activity could be the cause. You can simply go for a walk every day – even at lunch during work – and see dramatic improvements.


Low Impact and Risk of Injury

A lot of physical exercise can cause injury, especially if you’re not healthy to begin with. People are often concerned with protecting their joints, especially if they’re older.


The good news is that walking is one of the safest exercises available, and it’s low-impact. You can start as slowly as you’d like, and build up your time and distance.


Get Treatment For Neck Pain and Back Pain

If you struggle with back and neck pain, it can be hard to think about any exercise, even walking. However, there is something you can do.

At Restoration Health we specialize in treating back and neck pain and improving alignment and helping you resume your full mobility in comfort. If you would like to explore chiropractic treatment, contact us for an appointment.

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