Managing Back and Neck Pain With Natural Remedies

February 7, 2019

It seems our society is almost trained that any time we have pain or discomfort, we should immediately go to the doctor to get medicine for it.

We certainly have nothing against proper medical treatment, but we also recognize that many times pills mask our symptoms rather than addressing underlying issues.


Instead, let’s move toward listening to the body and managing back and neck pain naturally. Here are some steps you can take when you’re struggling with pain to address underlying causes.


Stretch Your Body Regularly

Your daily life probably consists of you sitting a lot. Many of us spend a lot of time in front of a computer at work, in front of our TVs at home, and not getting much movement in between.


It’s the nature of the society we have that work is done sitting rather than moving around. Socializing is often done online. We need to counteract these stationary parts of life by moving on purpose.


If you’re struggling with back and neck pain, you might not be up for strenuous exercise. However, everyone can stretch. Stretching has a huge number of benefits, including flexibility, improved blood flow, reduced stress, and less pain.


Use Heat Therapy

Heat is amazing for your muscles, helping them relax and increasing blood flow to the site. This can stimulate your own natural healing, while also relieving pain right away by reducing muscle spasms and tightness.


When you apply heat, you help sooth stiffness that can contribute to back and neck pain. You’ll also ease stress and tension, which can be a big reason for chronic pain as well.


Heat also stimulates nerves in the skin, which decreases transmissions of pain signals to the brain. The looser muscles will also be more flexible, which helps you avoid accidently making your pain worse through additional strain.



Our state of mind has a direct and significant impact on our overall health, as well as back and neck pain. The things that you’re worried and stressed about aren’t unimportant – they really matter when it comes to your overall quality of life.


However, many of the things we’re concerned about are outside our control. How do we deal with the stress when we can’t “fix it”, at least not immediately?


By meditating.


Meditation allows you to calm your mind, center yourself, and return to the present moment. This helps you feel grounded, release the tension in your body, and remind yourself about the things that are truly important.


Address Back and Neck Pain with Treatment at Restoration Health

Sometimes the natural treatments you have access to at home only go so far. Another way to get treatment that works with your body instead of against it is to visit a chiropractor.


At Restoration Health, we’ve served the residents of Little Rock for many years. Our mission is to help people be healthy, less dependent on drugs and medicine, and to bring about true correction rather than just temporary relief.


Ready to get relief for your back and neck pain today? Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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