Chiropractor Advice: 4 Fun Ways to Bring Movement Into Your Life

February 7, 2019

Don’t be fazed by the big words.

Exercise is such a loaded word. We often think of exercise as something we “should” do, which doesn’t help our motivation.


We also assume that exercise has to be at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour, and that if we don’t use heavy weights and sweat a lot we haven’t done it right.


It’s time to step back from the big expectations and reframe the exercise our bodies so badly need. Take some advice from your chiropractor – moving your body can be fun!



You may never have had a dance class, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance. After all, in its most basic form dance is simply moving your body to music.


Don’t feel like it has to be fancy or that you need detailed choreography. Instead, put on your favorite tunes, close the windows, and simply move however you like!


If you want to get more formal with your dancing, you can look up classes in your area. You might also enjoy a Zumba class. But don’t feel like you have to. Simply moving your body to the beat is enough to get health benefits and even lessen pain – even without a visit to chiropractor!



If you struggle with pain, you might have been told by your chiropractor or doctor to avoid putting stress on your joints. Swimming is the perfect way to add movement without having stress on your body.


You don’t have to get super serious about it and swim 100 laps. Instead, get into the water and move in ways that feel fun to you. You might enjoy water dancing, water walking, or even a more formal Aquacize class.


Water helps cushion your whole body inside and out, so it can be incredibly comforting and a great way to get movement without injury or pain.


Play at the Park or Playground

One of the things many of us enjoyed as children was running with abandon toward the playground equipment at the park or at school.


Take it from your chiropractor: just because you older doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun anymore! Go find a park with a jungle gym or swings and climb away. Of course, you may need to be more careful than you’ve been in the past, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.


Running, playing, and climbing are great ways to increase the amount of movement in your life!


Hula Hoop

Want to work your abs and obliques without wasting any money on an as-seen-on-TV atrocity? Grab a hula hoop and go for it!


The wiggling motion is not only fun, it’s great for your body. You work your muscles, get a little cardio, and get a great laugh at the same time! After all, laughter is great medicine!


Get Care From Your Chiropractor As Needed

As we get older, aches and pains become a fact of life. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer in extreme or chronic discomfort, though.


A visit to your Little Rock chiropractor can make all the difference in the world. We aim for true correction, not just temporary relief. We’ll work together to help you reduce your pain and live a happier, fun, active life.

To make an appointment, contact us today!

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