Tips From a Chiropractor: Avoiding Slip & Falls This Winter

December 3, 2018

Slipping and falling can happen at any time of year, but it seems especially dangerous in the winter. In Arkansas, it’s easy for rain to turn into ice – and you may not even see it.

Falling can be embarrassing, but it can also cause serious injury. People need to visit the chiropractor every year for injuries to their back, neck, and joints caused by slip and falls.


We want to help you stay safe. Here are some ways to avoid falling this winter – and all year long!


Dry Shoes Thoroughly When Coming Inside

One of the most common reasons for a slip and fall is water on a tile, laminate, or even hardwood floor. While spills cause some of these problems, another major issue is rain, ice, or snow on shoes!


When you come inside and there’s been precipitation outside, be sure to take your shoes off by the door. If this isn’t possible, dry them thoroughly on a mat. Stores and other public places should have a shoe mat – or more than one – by each door.


Take advantage of doormats and be very careful until your shoes have completely dried. There’s no need to go to the chiropractor because you slipped in wet shoes!


Carefully De-Ice Your Property

Ice is a fact of life in Little Rock in the winter, and it pays to be prepared. Keep your sidewalks clear with appropriate sidewalk salt, and be sure to treat your porch and stairs as well.


It’s vital not only for your health but for those who visit you as well. Unfortunately, if someone falls on your property and has to go to a doctor or chiropractor, you may be liable for the costs of treatment.


Treat for ice whenever we have rain that might freeze overnight. You’ll be safer, and so will your guests!


Keep Lights in Good Working Order

Another thing that can cause unfortunate accidents is simply not being able to see where you’re going! An uneven sidewalk, stray branch, or even a piece of gravel can cause a serious fall if you don’t see it.


At this time of year, it gets darker much earlier than normal. Take steps to keep your own property well-lit, including paths to the garage, back patio, and more.


At the same time, avoid going into unlit areas after dark. Not only does that help you avoid tripping and falling, but it can also help you avoid criminal activity and other problems.


Avoid Falls Indoors as Well

Winter is obviously a time it’s easier to fall outside, but you can fall in your own home as well. Keep your indoor lights working, especially around stairs and basements.


At the same time, watch out for area rugs and other tripping hazards. If your rug is curled beyond repair, you may want to replace it rather than risk a fall that could send you to a chiropractor or doctor.


As you put up holiday trees and other decorations, make sure to leave room to move freely around them. Also, watch out for pets who might look for different places to walk or sleep given the holiday décor!


Have a Fall? See a Chiropractor Right Away!

If you have fallen recently, it’s important to get the care you need right away. When you come to a chiropractor at Restoration Health, we can evaluate what happened and give you the assistance you need.


Our chiropractic adjustments can help you feel better right away, and if you have a more serious injury we can refer to proper medical care. Contact us for an appointment today!

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