Tips From Your Chiropractor: Avoiding Injury During Yard Work

November 6, 2018

As the seasons change, there’s always yard work to do. In the fall, leaves fall by the thousands, and in winter you have to cover gardens, handle ice and snow, and more.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful as you do the work around your home, you can easily hurt yourself – especially your back. If you feel any pain or stiffness that lingers, be sure to get to your Little Rock chiropractor right away!


Of course, it’s best to avoid injuries in the first place. Here are some ways to stay safe and pain-free as you work in your yard.


Stretch Regularly

You might feel silly doing a series of stretches before going into the yard, but yard work is essentially a workout! It pays to stretch before you get started.


Stretching helps warm your muscles, which makes any kind of movement easier and less jarring. It can also help you hold a better posture as you work, and protect your back as you rake, bend, and handle your chores.


Don’t just stretch before you go outside. Have a daily routine of stretching to help keep you limber. This type of gentle movement also improves your circulation and boosts flexibility. It can help you need less frequent trips to the chiropractor!


What many people don’t realize is that daily stretching also calms the mind and helps reduce stress. There’s no reason NOT to stretch!


Vary Your Work

Repetitive motion is bad for your body, whether it’s typing for hours at work or bending and lifting repeatedly in the yard.


To avoid injury from this type of activity, vary your tasks regularly. After raking for a while, try trimming trees. After spending some time bent over in the garden, consider stretching upward by cleaning the gutter.


Of course, we’re not saying you have to do everything your yard requires in one afternoon, but if you have several hours of work planned, mix it up to stay healthy.


Even with a good mix, you might feel pain or a tweak in your back. Be sure to see a chiropractor if this happens!


Take Breaks

Some people don’t enjoy yard work, so they try to get it all over with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this can result in an unplanned trip to the chiropractor.


Instead of trying to power through by doing everything all in one day, or one weekend, take breaks every hour. Sit down, get some water to drink, and stretch a bit.


Even though it isn’t hot out, you are in danger of getting dehydrated if you don’t take regular breaks. You get hot and sweat while working, and your body needs regular water intake during the day anyway. If you go hours without water, you’re setting yourself up for injury!


Just resting for 5 or 10 minutes each hour can help you feel renewed and ready for your next task.


Visit Your Little Rock Chiropractor for Pain

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you end up feeling achy and sore after yard work. Don’t worry about it – just make an appointment to see the chiropractor.


Probably, something in your spine got into poor alignment during all that activity, and you need a simple adjustment to feel better. Contact us to make an appointment any time – we’re here to keep you on the road to good health!

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