Understanding Your Spine: The Thoracic Spine

October 4, 2018

Don’t be fazed by the big words.

Having problems with your neck and shoulders is incredibly common. However, back pain is just as familiar to many Americans.


In fact, back pain is one of the most common reasons that people see the doctor or miss work. A lot of that is tied to the thoracic spine, or the vertebrae that make up the upper back.


There are a lot of common behaviors that put a lot of stress on your upper back, which makes it important to get regular care at a chiropractor.


Here’s what you need to know about your thoracic spine, how it impacts your health, and how to know if you need treatment!


What is the Thoracic Spine?

The thoracic spine consists of the 12 vertebrae below the cervical spine. They are numbered T1 through T12.


These bones are larger than the cervical vertebrae, and have similar protective properties. These bones in your upper back are connected to your ribs, so they are part of the structure that helps protect a large number of vital organs.


In addition, the spinal cord runs through the whole spine, and important nerves and blood vessels connect your upper back to a wide range of areas in your body.


Your thoracic spine can easily be put out of alignment by stress, spending a lot of time on the computer, and poor posture. Regularly visiting a chiropractor can help prevent both acute and chronic pain, but practicing good back health is important as well.


What Happens When the Thoracic Spine is Not Aligned?

Because the upper back is connected to the ribs as well as nerves, blood vessels, and more, there are a lot of concerns when the thoracic spine isn’t in place.


Some of the problems you can have when your upper back isn’t right include:

  • Acute or chronic back pain
  • Trouble bending or lifting
  • Problems breathing
  • Heart or chest conditions
  • Bronchitis
  • Poor circulation
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion


These important vertebrae of the spine are linked to a lot of the organs in the upper body, so it pays to take care of them. Get regular chiropractic treatments to counteract the strain daily life puts on your upper back.


How to Know Your Upper Back Needs Care

Of course, back pain is the first key indicator that something isn’t right in your thoracic spine. If you notice achiness, stiffness, or trouble bending or lifting, it’s time for a checkup with the chiropractor.


Tension in your upper back muscles is also a giveaway. We spend so much time hunched over computers that we do a lot of damage to our upper back. Regular chiropractic care can help protect you, as can frequent stretching, getting up to walk, and proper posture.


Don’t assume pain is something you have to tolerate or take dangerous medication to treat. Instead, visit a chiropractor.


Get Your Back Pain Under Control Today!

If you’re struggling with upper back pain, stiffness, and problems with daily activities, get the help you need. We’ve been treating Little Rock patients for many years, and we’d love to help you get back on track as well.


When you have your spine in alignment, you can have a real treatment for the underlying causes of your physical problems. Don’t just treat the symptoms – contact us for an appointment today!


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