Overcoming Morning Aches and Back Pain

August 13, 2018

Sometimes getting out of bed is one of the hardest things we do each day.

Not just because we don’t want to leave the comfort of our beds, but because it hurts to get up!

A night of sleeping is important for restoration and good health, but sometimes laying still all night causes you to wake up with aches and back pain.

Here are some strategies to help you overcome that morning discomfort.


Don’t Rely on Pain Medication

Pain medication can help with problems like back pain temporarily, but it’s not a long-term solution. Over time, your body will not respond the same way to the medicine, and you’ll need to take more and more to get the same effect.

At its most extreme, this can result in an addiction to pain medication, where you have to take high doses of the pills in order to feel normal. Overcoming these addictions and tolerances is extremely difficult, so it’s best not to even start.


Improve Your Bed

Buying a new bed can feel like a huge investment, but it can be essential to making sure you get a good night’s sleep without pain.

You may need a new mattress, a new pillow, or both. Fortunately, you can compare options easily online, and you can often get a better deal than you expected.

Sometimes, all you need is a mattress topper, a fan to keep you at a comfortable temperature, or a better window covering to keep out the light. If you are uncomfortable, you may wake up repeatedly, toss and turn, and end up in pain.


Stretch Before Bed And After Waking

Stretching can make an enormous positive difference in your life, including helping prevent back pain. It can help muscle flexibility, range of motion, and circulation. Stretching also helps lower stress and can help you sleep better overall.

Stretching using proper technique each evening and morning will help you prevent injury, work out the kinks of a night in bed, and help you feel energized and ready to tackle your day.

Don’t overlook the importance of this activity!


Move Your Body Regularly

It seems like exercise is the prescription for every ailment, but that’s only because it has such a positive effect on our lives. Exercise doesn’t just help with muscle tone and weight loss. It increases energy, helps your skin, and is even good for your bones!

When you exercise regularly, you’ll feel less back pain after a night of sleep because your body will be more flexible and limber. You’ll also feel happier, reduce your chances of disease, and digest food more easily.

There’s almost no physical pain that proper body movement doesn’t help. This doesn’t mean everyone needs to go join an extreme exercise club – gentle movement can be just as helpful!


See a Chiropractor For Your Back Pain

If you have ongoing back pain that stretching isn’t helping, it’s time to see a chiropractor. Chiropractors are medical professionals that are specifically trained to work with the spine, joints, and ligaments.

Chiropractic care can provide powerful pain relief, and it doesn’t have any side effects! If you’re in the Little Rock area, <come visit Restoration Health today.

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