How To Keep The Summer Season From Causing Migraine Flare Ups

July 13, 2018

Here are a few summer staples that can lead to an increase in migraines and what you can do to avoid them.

1 – Heat. The sun can play a dramatic role in the increase of migraines over the summer. First off is the bright light you encounter over the summer months. The brightness can trigger or increase the effects of a triggered migraine. Avoid these effects by wearing sunglasses when outside, a wide brim hat, or just stay inside and out of the bright light.

Another way heat can affect your migraine is by spreading allergens which can trigger a migraine. And the actual heat itself can be a factor. If you find yourself experiencing a significant increase in migraines over the summer months consider our suggestion to stay inside with air conditioning as much as possible.


2 – Summer storms. These storms can cause an increase in barometric pressure and that can trigger your migraines.  If you have thunderstorms with lighting sticking within 25 miles of you your chances of developing migraines go up.


3 – Stress. Now the words “Summer” and “Stress” don’t normally go together, but many factors of summer can increase your stress levels. The kids being home more, a break in the family routine, an increase in events to attend and vacations to plan. This increase in stress can lead to a triggering of your migraines.


Steps to avoid migraines this summer

Stay Hydrated. The increase in heat and humidity can delete your water levels very quickly. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Better yet swap out sugary drinks for water as much as possible. If you drink alcohol or caffeine, consider cutting it out for a period and see if it reduces your migraine attacks. Another great way to keep hydrated is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables that contain high amounts of water. Certain summer foods like hot dogs, ketchup, and chips can wreak havoc and cause an increase in migraines. Swapping them out for fruit as much as possible is a double strike to fighting off your migraines.

If you usually exercise outside, whether it be walking/jogging, or exercising at the park, move your daily workout indoors. This doesn’t mean you have had to spend the summer doing squats and sit-ups in your living room. Use a gym, join a fitness class like spin class, Zumba, or yoga. If you can’t stand the thought of giving up your daily jog, move it to the early morning before it heats up, or in the evening once it has cooled down.

And lastly, avoid your personal migraine triggers. Chances are they probably haven’t taken a summer vacation. If anything they will be more sensitive. So if breast light is a regular trigger of yours, know that you will have an abundance of intense light over the next few months to contend with and plan accordingly.

As with any medical advice take what we say into consideration based on what you know about yourself and your symptoms. If your migraines increase, see your doctor, or schedule a visit with a chiropractor who can help with migraines.

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