How to find a good back pain doctor

June 13, 2018


When you have back pain everything else in life suffers, or worse, comes to a halt.

There is hope.

Finding the right back pain doctor (most likely a chiropractor) fast is your top priority.

Be careful not to rush into the first office you see just because you want the pain gone fast. Consider these tips when choosing the right doctor for your back pain.

Are you willing to travel to an office out of your area, or do you need to find a local back pain doctor?

Decide whether you need to find a doctor in your area, or if you want to find the best option out there and are willing to travel.


How to find a doctor for your back pain

Online search

You should be able to find dozens of options within your area in just a few seconds with a quick search on your favorite search engine.


Referral from your doctor

Ask your family doctor for a referral. They probably have a doctor that specializes in back pain they trust and commonly refer patients to. Even if they don’t have a standard back pain doctor they use, chances are they can at least give a personal recommendation.


Recommendation from a friend, co-worker, or family member

Chances are someone you know has had back pain and sought professional help. Ask them who they used, why they chose them, what they liked, disliked and if they recommend using them. Between work, family, and friends you will probably get multiple recommendations of who is best and even who to avoid.

Sometimes you may get conflicting opinions. Maybe a co-worker raves about her doctor and you think you have found the doctor for you. Then a family member says they tried them and will never go back.

Dig into the reasons why each liked and disliked the doctor. Did the co-worker make their decision based on something that doesn’t pertain to you? For example, maybe they loved that the office was just down the street from their home and the convenience is what sold them.

Maybe your family member was dissatisfied because the hours the office was open made it difficult for them to get to their appointments.

These may be factors that matter to you, or could be irrelevant for your situation. Decide what works best for you before making a decision.


Key questions to ask when calling the office

Okay, so you have narrowed it down to one or two back pain doctors and you are ready to call the office to check on making an appointment.

Before picking up the phone, sit down and make a list of what questions you want to ask. For example:

-Do they take your insurance?

-Do their hours and schedule availability match yours?

-Do they work with your type of back pain?


Having a list of what information you need before placing a call can help you remember what to ask and will help you make a better decision.


Choosing the right doctor is a decision worth getting right. Take the time to make an educated decision and know you have the right doctor for your back pain.

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