Avoid Back Pain: How to Prevent Injury in a Physical Job

July 22, 2018

Not every American works behind a desk.

In fact, 58.7% of jobs in 2016 required “medium” or “heavy” work.

If you have a physically demanding job, it’s important to realize that your body is your biggest asset. You should protect it so that you can continue to work and advance in your career.

How do you avoid back pain and other injuries when you have a physically demanding job? Here are some tips that can make a big difference.


Wear Your Safety Gear

You’ve heard it dozens of times, but still, thousands of workers every day skip protective equipment. Injuries are common for those who don’t wear their safety gear.

Remember that this is your livelihood. An injury can mean you’re out of work with little pay for weeks or even months. Worst case scenario, you may not be able to return to your chosen field of work and you’ll have to start over in another industry.

Make sure your protective equipment fits appropriately and isn’t damaged in any way. A back brace can help you avoid back pain, and a helmet or safety jacket can help avoid more serious injury.


Prevent Back Pain & Injuries

Your back is part of the core of your body. Damaging you back can mean time off work and consistent back pain for years. It pays to take care of it!

Use correct posture while sitting and standing. Lift items with the proper technique, even if they aren’t heavy. Don’t be shy about asking for help with an item if you need it. There’s no “tough guy” award when you suffering debilitating back pain!

You can also help protect your core by doing regular stretches at work and at home. Even just a few minutes a day can help keep you limber and prevent injury.

Of course, if you feel a sharp pain or have any concerns about your health, seeing a chiropractor can make a big difference.


Take Care of Your Feet

From your head to your toes – literally!

Your feet are the foundation of your whole body. They carry the weight and help ensure that you can both do your job and live life normally outside of work.

Be sure to wear proper footwear at work. If your job call for steel-toed boots, don’t skimp – get the quality you need! It’s also helpful to have good arch support and non-slip soles. You don’t want to fall and end up with back pain or another injury!

Watch for signs of plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain. Extra cushioning in your shoe can help prevent this concern.

As with your core, stretches can make a big difference in preventing injury while also promoting circulation and reducing strain. Be sure you take your breaks as scheduled as well – your body needs those breaks!


Address Soreness & Stiffness at Restoration Health

If you have a physically demanding job, chances are good that you’ll have soreness and stiffness at some point even if you follow all the tips above. Find relief at Restoration Health!

Our focus is on identifying and correcting the causes of your pain permanently. We want to help you improve the structure of your spine so that your body will function at its absolute best.

If you’d like an appointment to receive the highest quality patient care in Little Rock, contact us today!

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