What can Chiropractors do that my Doctor Can’t?

May 17, 2018

What is the difference between medical doctors and a chiropractors?

Both chiropractors and doctors are medical professionals and they both restore your health. The difference lies in how they do it. Their approaches are very different and you will need them for different reasons.


A chiropractor is an expert in our musculoskeletal system as well as our nervous system. A chiropractor works to promote our general wellness. They conduct tests and exams to better treat your injuries. Chiropractors focus on a holistic approach to achieve results.


Medical doctors usually work in a hospital and typically vary from a general practitioner to a specialized surgeon. Medical doctors can prescribe pharmaceuticals and perform invasive procedures such as surgeries. In emergency situations surgical procedures are beneficial but for less severe injuries chiropractic care is safer.

A Visit to a Chiropractor can be very different from the Traditional Doctors Visit.

At first a visit to a Chiropractor’s office will be similar to a Doctor’s office.  Both usually start off with filling out medical forms and setting up your insurance providers information and answering medical questions about your previous experience. One thing that is different is the chiropractor will be able to begin reliving your pain immediately by beginning to adjust you during your first visit.

When should chiropractors be considered an option? Below are a few examples of when it may be a good idea to schedule an appointment.

1 If you Have Chronic Pain in Muscles or Joints

If your musculoskeletal alignment is off you may experience pain in your muscles and joints. Your entire body works together as a unit. If one part is out of alignment then everything can be affected.

2 You sit a lot for work or find yourself doing a simple task over and over during a long period of time

Poor posture can cause pressure on the neck shoulders, and upper back. It can cause bones to shift enough to create a painful problem. Chiropractors can catch problems early and fix them without an issue.

3 If you have a Sharp Pain running Down Your Leg

As mentioned before a sharp pain shooting down your back and into your legs may be a symptom of a pinched nerve or slipped disc. Chiropractors can examine, then adjust your spine to alleviate the pressure on the nerve causing the pain.

4 If you Frequently have Tension Migraines or Headaches

A misalignment in the upper back and neck could be the cause of your headaches. Working with chiropractors can greatly reduce both the frequency and severity of your attacks.

5 You stay active, especially with exercise

If you maintain an active lifestyle you are putting your body through stress that could lead to a misalignment. Now, your physical activity is very healthy for other systems in your body and risk of misalignment can be mitigated by regular adjustments from your chiropractor.

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