What to do when you wake up with a crick in your neck

March 21, 2018

Will it last the whole day?

You wake up from what you thought was a restful night of sleep. As soon as you try to move your head you feel neck pain, you realize you’ve got a crick in your neck. Will it last the whole day? Did you really get a good night of sleep if your neck was in an uncomfortable position?

Here are a few things you can do to ease the pain of a crick in your neck.

If neck pain is a common occurrence, it could indicate an issue with your spine. Stop by Restoration Health and we’ll help you understand why this pain is happening. Click here to learn more.

Hot and Cold.

Alternate between applying hot (but not too hot) and cold to the area of your neck that hurts. This will help reduce the inflammation that is causing the crick. It will also help relax the muscles.

It is a good idea to give these sore muscles a 30 minute break between hot and cold treatments. By letting the area return to a normal temperature you will increase the effectiveness of the temperatures.

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Take a long shower.

A warm shower will relax the muscle with heat and a gentle massage. Just remember to move slowly. If you think a stretch might help the area, stretch slowly and gently.


Gently massage the area in a circular motions, with two fingers. This will help relax the tension in the muscle that is causing you pain.

Do lite stretches.

What is great at relieving muscle tension? Stretching. Gently tilt your head to stretch out the muscle where the crick has occurred. This kind of stretching is easy. You can do these small stretches throughout the day if the pain resurfaces.

Reduce stress.

Stress might be the cause of your crick. If not, being in a stressful situation won’t help your pain. We tend to tighten our shoulder muscles when we are stressed without realizing it. This is why stress is considered one of the top causes, among many causes, for a crick in the neck.


While unusual pains are usually temporary and don’t indicate a serious medical issue, always use caution with any methods you use to relieve the pain. Go slow and be gentle. If the massage you give your neck triggers a sharper pain, leave the area alone and contact your doctor.

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