4 Reasons Sciatica Should Be Taken Seriously

February 21, 2018

Lower back pain can stop you in your tracks.

Back pain can indicate several health issues, mild and serious. If you regularly find yourself having to pause life because of back pain—even just for a moment, don’t ignore the symptom. Stop by Restoration health and we’ll help you understand what is going on and possibly relieve the pain.

Here are a few reasons sciatica, a pain caused by a compression of the sciatic nerve root in the lower back, should be taken seriously.

1. It’s a very Large Vein. 

Veins are the oxygen highways that allow our body to function. They all play a part in our wellbeing. The sciatic nerve is five nerves together making the longest widest nerve in your body. It allows the veins in your lower body to function properly.

If there is a problem with this large vein, you can be sure the smaller veins that depend on the oxygen flowing through it will start developing issues.

2. It is Painful.

Sciatica should never be ignored because it is not a diagnosis. It is a symptom of something else. The pain patients experience can range from an uncomfortable lower back pain to debilitating lower back pain and weakness in their legs.

Since the sciatic nerve travels down your leg, a common sign of sciatica is numbness in your legs. As the symptoms progress, a patient’s legs will feel funny and they may even experience muscle weakness in their lower body.

Thankfully, most patients with sciatica find relief within 6 to 12 months. Patients with mild cases of sciatica can usually find relief by applying heat or ice to the area, gently stretching, and more.

3. It is always a Symptom of Something Else. 

Sciatica is a symptom of an underlying condition. This means that there are several ways patients could find relief. The key is to find the right one.

When should you see a doctor? As a symptom, sciatica is telling you something. It is important that you see a doctor and tell them everything you can about the pain and sensations. A severe case of sciatica progressively gets worse.

Maybe it’s simply caused by something related to healthy lifestyle choices. Mild cases of sciatica have practical relief options and the pain will go away within a few weeks.

4. You Should Never Ignore a Strange Sensation.

Sciatica should be taken seriously just like any other strange pain or sensation you experience. It is far better to discover a medical problem in the early stages.

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